Classic Kids Games - Some Of The Best Classic Games Ever

Today, video and computer games are big business. Billions of dollars are made by video game companies each year, and more kids than ever are playing them. Board games are also still highly popular, but either of these options can be surprisingly expensive - a good board game can cost up to forty dollars or more. For many people, getting back to basics can bring a family together, teach your kids skills and lessons, and cost very little. Numerous classic games based on pencils and paper are available, and these retro games can be surprisingly fun for anyone who wants to play them.

For the most retro of all retro games, you'll need to dig way back into your own childhood and maybe even beyond. Classic games like tic tac toe or hangman are very easy to setup, fast to play, and don't really cost a dime. Hangman can actually teach your kids vocabulary and spelling skills, and while they don't have the pizzazz of most modern board games they're still fun for a couple of hours, especially with younger kids.

Other classic games like Salvo or Word Squares are easy to understand and to play as well, and can be a lot of fun for very little money.

But when you put the words 'classic games' together with 'pencil and paper', most people will think of pencil and paper RPGs like the legendary Dungeons and Dragons series. There are a huge number of retro games based on this model, ranging from superhero modules to futuristic ones. Finding a good RPG is an excellent way to boost creativity, teamwork, imagination, and even math skills. Whether you start with the basic D&D set or look for something else, these are good options for older kids who get bored with Hangman. A couple of books, paper, pencils, and the special dice are all you'll need to get started.

There are also some retro games that you can play with pencil and paper that involve printing out a board on your computer. Games like Ghoulash involve a printed board but little else and can be an interesting kind of 'homemade board game' well worth considering. In short, you don't have to spend hundreds of dollars on video games or board games to have fun with your family. A bit of creativity and a back-to-basics approach with some classic games are really all that you need to have great family fun.

Article Source: Cacey L Taylor

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