5 AoE Leveling Tips You Don't Want to Miss

Area of Effect (AoE) Leveling is a leveling style that is very popular leveling style in games like World of Warcraft and Everquest. Unfortunately, Blizzard has increased its efforts to prevent its subscribers from using AoE leveling in World of Warcraft due to the inequality it created in leveling speeds.

There were some spots in game that were overlooked during development phase which players were using to farm experience at a rate far faster than they had designed the game for. Therefore, these places were removed and reworked through the patch system.

With the release of the Cataclysm expansion AoE Leveling was virtually eliminated from the game. It wasn't removed in the sense that it no longer exists, instead, it was removed in the sense that they made it harder to do. The game was changed to make it generally faster to level by completing quests which took away the appeal of AoE Grinding.

However, there are still points in the game where it can be faster to AoE instead of quest. Additionally, farmers generally use this method of leveling in order to kill mobs to skin or for loot while they are leveling up their character.

Here are a few things players should know about AoE leveling that will help them maximize their experience:

    Instead of gathering enemies by moving into proximity of them, use a ranged weapon or attack to pull the enemies to an area so they don't reach their maximum tether radius and turn around. A tether radius is the maximum distance an endmy will travel before it turns around and runs back to reset.
    Use a silence to pull casters toward melee enemies or pull melee enemies to a group of casters to get the most enemies in each pull.
    Don't try to pull more too many mobs. For larger pulls ensure be a level or two higher than the target enemies.
    When gathering mobs by proximity, use a mount and any speed enhancing effects available to gather them quickly.
    Use food buffs and any other buffs available

There is some good news coming up in Mists of Pandaria for AoE levelers. Blizzard has decided to add area looting into the game so players can just loot one corpse and everything will be looted from one click instead of clicking each corpse individually. There has been no mention yet on further adjustments to AoE leveling but one can imagine the zones won't be AoE friendly at all.

Article Source: Jane Houston

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