Pub Trivia - The Rules

Having a pub quiz is one of the best ways to bring people together. A Trivia Night will pack people into pubs. It is a great incentive for friends to take the time to meet up and enjoy each other's company. However, in order to keep people happy with the pub quiz, the rules need to be clearly stated at the beginning of the night and fairly enforced for the duration of the night. Check out this easy guide to simple rules to run a fair Pub Trivia Night.

Team Members

The teams should be composed of six members or less. Any more than that and things just don't seem to work smoothly. Only team members should be allowed to sit at the table to avoid outside help from people that aren't part of the team. There doesn't need to be a minimum number of team members. There are plenty of people that have enough trivia crammed in their heads to give a fair fight in a one-on-six battle.

The Scourge of Technology

Best World Of Warcraft Leveling Guides

World of Warcraft is a hugely popular multi-player online role-playing game. It was introduced by Blizzard Entertainment and is the fourth game in the series, Warcraft universe. The game holds the pride of having more than 12 million subscribers a month and it has also obtained the Guinness world record of, massive multi player online role playing game (MMORPG) Massively multiplayer online role-playing game by subscribers. In the game, the players assume the identity of heroic, fantasy characters and explore world full of magic, mystery and adventure. To play the game the player has to be connected to the net. Each character has a specific set of skills and abilities.

The game involves completion of quests. These quests are called missions or tasks. Completion of quests results in gaining of new skills and abilities. The game is set in the same universe as Warcraft series. It contains elements of fantasy and science fiction. Certain subscription amount has to be paid to play the game online.

SCX Slot Car Racing Entertainment

SCX Slot Cars are manufactured by a company called Tecnitoys. The brand SCX was first started in Spain in the mid 1960's. Current cars are built to a 1/32nd scale and incorporate all the latest technologies such as, real scale modelling, the latest electronic devices and modern tampo printing. This means that the current crop of cars are realistic copies of the real race cars they represent.

Todays cars are produced in China, using ultra modern production facilities. The current range of cars include models that represent the following categories of racing;

American Nascar

GT Sports Car

German DTM Touring Car

Ear Force X12 Headset Review - The Ultimate Audio Experience

The Ear Force X12 Xbox and PC gaming headset by Turtle Beach is a great set of headphones for almost anyone. Are you looking to replace your old Xbox headset? Maybe you're a PC guy and looking for a good set of PC headphones? Did you get angry and throw your old headset into a wall and break it? Trust me... I've been there. Either way, the X12 is the definitive headset for all gamers alike, looking for stunning sound and amazing comfort. You will find numerous Turtle Beach headsets out there, almost certain in finding one that suits your specific needs. I'll try and provide you with enough information so you can decide on whether or not the Ear Force X12 is what you're looking for.

Is Turtle Beach Your Gaming Headset Solution?

One of the major things I find interesting about the X12 headset is that it's quite cost effective. You're getting a lot of bang for your buck as most run right around 50 bucks. There are a lot of features included that really make this set worth the money.

A Quick And Dirty Guide To Having A Kick-Ass Time In A Live Action RPG

The first thing you should do: get into trouble. Trouble is interesting and rarely is it boring.

Tell the truth as much as possible - people never expect it. If you can't tell the truth, refuse to answer, be evasive or be somewhere else, but keep the flat-out lying to a minimum. Besides, keeping track of which lies you've spread where can quickly become confusing.

When wheeling and dealing with other characters, ask yourself: What's in it for them? You might not get far appealing to their altruism, but an appeal to self-interest almost always works. Remember, they'll be thinking the same thing about you.

Don't commit to anything until or unless you absolutely have to. This is valid for politicians in real life, and it works for LARPers, too. As the game progresses, it might be worth your time to take a stand, but in the first half of the event, be wary of putting yourself into a corner.

The World Of Gaming Consoles

Gaming becomes an important phenomenon of any child's life as they grow up. By definition gaming is basically the act of playing games primarily on electronic devices such as computers, laptops and electronic consoles. However, this action cannot be restricted to just children. Nowadays, adults are much more involved in this activity than children. There are competitions held all over the world, in which people of all ages come in from all over the world to compete and show their skills.

Gaming is of varying types; primarily video games, but also card ones and tabletop too. Every act of playing a game, even role playing is considered to fall in this category. People indulge in such behaviors for purposes of leisure and people of all ages can find one that is appropriate for them. The gaming industry is the biggest industry in the world and console designers and manufacturers are amongst the most successful businesses in the world nowadays. 

The War on Used Games

As we prepare for the coming wave of next generation systems, we should be anticipating improvements on all the good things we associate with the current crop of systems. Moving forward we expect: better graphics, faster processors, more engaging games, you get the idea. But not everything that we're anticipating will be a progressive movement for gaming. At least, as far as Sony and Microsoft are concerned, you can wave goodbye to playing used games on their systems. Although these are just rumors at this point, it wouldn't be surprising if they came to fruition. It's very plausible, especially when taking into consideration that several game publishers have already fired shots at the used game market.

Most notable is Electronic Arts(EA), who became the first publisher to institute the practice of charging gamers, who bought used games, a fee to access codes that come with the game. 

Drifting Games Are Risky, Thrilling and Fun

Drifting games are a variety of car racing games that are defined by drift racing. The competing cars race on streets crammed with all sorts of obstacles. Players are supposed to execute smooth curves around the obstacles without hitting the accelerator. Only the steering on the wheels is allowed, and the cars are propelled by the speed power.

These games began as a spot on the streets. People would gather, and derive pleasure in competing to see who executed the perfect drift. This was a dangerous sport until it was converted into games, providing a fun-filled, thrilling and safe sport.

Drifting is still done, but mostly by highly skilled drivers. The drift is determined by the distribution of the car weight, and the separation of the torque compared to the read part. 

What You Need To Know Before Playing A Tank Game

Tank games are one of the online games that people might enjoy playing. When playing, there are different weapons to use. Each round you play, you advance your flexibility, purchase more weapons, and also get repair kits. All new achievements increase the chances of winning the game.

There are different terrains on the game, and these are the forest, mountain and desert. They all have their challenges, which you need to overcome in order to advance to the next level. If you enjoy a challenge, go for the hard levels to make the game more interesting.

Before beginning the game, choose a unique colour of the tank you will be playing with. The number of rival tanks to pick always depends on you. To know how to play, choose a computer controlled tank, and note how they do things. It is possible to get more than four tanks to play in the game.

Choosing The Best Family Games For Family Game Night

The modern world is hectic, filled with obligations and activities. And while everyone loves a little downtime with their favorite movie or TV show, the fact that most households have multiple computers and televisions means that fewer families than ever are actually spending time together. Whether you just want to reconnect with your immediate family or have a family reunion coming up and want to make it special, adding some family games to your schedule can really help. These can be games you play online or those that you play through more traditional means, but no matter what they'll be pivotal in helping your family interact again.

If you're getting together with your family for the holidays, few things can be as entertaining as spending some time playing family Christmas games. These may be themed towards the holidays or could work just as well as general family reunion games, but no matter what they'll involve the entire family and allow them to have fun with each other.