Tower Defense Games Require Strategic Thinking

Tower defense games are an exciting sub-category of the games involving strategy.

The aim of the player is to protect himself from enemies and prevent them from reaching him/her by building towers. These towers may be used as barricades and some of them may even shoot at the enemies trying to cross them.

Each game becomes more exciting as a player advances because the enemies get fiercer. The player is endowed additional powers each time he crosses a level. The player can collect points and buy more complex tools to help build sturdier towers.

These games can easily be learnt and it involves the simple strategy-positioning of towers in important locations that will stop the enemies and not let them reach you.

In each round the player can withstand a number of blows from the enemies before he/she finally succumbs and loses a 'life'. If the player can keep the enemies away for the required amount of time and not suffer too many blows, he crosses the level successfully. However, if the number of blows that the player takes crosses a certain limit, then the game is lost.

One of the best techniques of playing tower defense games and winning each time is to create a maze like path that the enemies must cross in order to reach your base. Another helpful trick is to bar an exit on one side, and when the enemies take turn the opposite side, bar that side too. This causes the enemies to keep moving back and forth in search of a break in the path.

Playing these games does not require experience, and all you need to do is device a strategy to block your enemies long enough for you to win your game. Enemies who bypass the barricades can be killed before they reach your 'base'. An amateur player must familiarize himself with the terrain in which he will have to place the towers. Some games have a fixed map, whereas other games allow users to create their own custom maps, and this makes the game all the more exciting.

In order to play this game, you don't need to download any content from the internet. A flash player is all that is required and the game loads in a few seconds. Get it loaded and, you can start playing and have unlimited fun killing your enemies and blocking them from reaching your base!

Article Source: Mihir Shah M

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